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FingerTech Snap Hubs (pair) Thin

FingerTech Snap Hubs (pair) Thin

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Foam wheels are the preferred choice for combat robots because they absorb impacts and save your drive motors from stripping teeth!
Combine with our Snap Wheels, or if you already have Lite Flites (or their thinner counterpart Lectra Lites) they can be used with Snap Hubs too!
With Snap Hubs, you can easily and securely mount these foam tires to your robot.

- Anodized 6061 aluminum for high strength and low weight.
- The foam tire is held tightly by a custom washer, and features a recess to prevent the 7/16" snap ring from coming off unintentionally.
- The hub is secured to the motor shaft by a strong 8-32 setscrew.
- Available with 3mm and 4mm shaft bore, but can be drilled out as big as 6.35mm (0.25in).
- Thin size (0.50in wide) weighs 6g each. Wide size (0.75in wide) weighs 7g each.  (Remember that you will be removing the 3g plastic hubs from Lite Flites and Lectra Lites first!)

5/64" hex wrench
Snap ring pliers
- foam wheels (Snap Wheels, Lite Flites or Lectra Lites)