Recreational Education

Robotics Evolution provides arenas for robotics competition on a drop in basis:

Soccer  •   Sumo  •   Navigation  •   Combat  •   Drone Racing

providing a path to robotics education that allows you to choose the areas of focus best suited to you.

A Path to Robotics Education

What do robots do for you? Come play soccer, compete in Sumo, navigate through the city, or try building a combat robot. We can recommend a robot for any age or skill level. Robotics is a field that is growing and changing quickly. By working with a variety of platforms in different arenas your understanding can evolve along with this exciting and rapidly changing field. Learn about 3D printing, new components, programming and more. Build kits with the latest Pi and Arduino releases. Get started with open source parts and kits that can be re-used and re-purposed.

Do you already have a program with 3D printers or robots? We can come to your event with multiple soccer fields, Sumo arenas or our enclosed combat arena. Contact us for events from a few hours to week long competitions. Don’t have robots? We can provide kits for programs to build and compete or even kits where the robots are yours to keep.

Would you like to play?

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Where Are We?

We are located at
7300 Folsom Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95814

Open Monday through Friday
3:30pm to 6pm
for afterschool robotics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why combat robots?
I didn't name the sport, but that is where the mechanical engineering happens. You can do design work in any of the arenas, but you can quickly and easily learn a lot about motors, batteries, soldering and dive right into CAD/CAM to build combat robots. It isn't really about fighting. The primary goal is to get under your opponent so they lose traction. It can get exciting and parts do break. That is where you learn to repair your robot and make improvements.

Can you show me how to put a flame thrower on my robot?
No, flame throwers are not allowed in most insect class arenas. They are not allowed in this one. By the time you are ready to install one you won't have to ask how. They do make a good show and that is the purpose. There are other ways to make a fun robot that gets everyone's attention and those are the robots people want to see.